Get a grip on your projects by unifying PPM stakeholders

Drive your full project portfolio lifecycle, from demand management to project execution.


Ensure coordination between technical, legal and financial steering of infrastructure projects.


Master and evaluate cross-organizational project with a strategic and operational point of view.


Industrialize innovation processes to ensure quality of deliveries and accelerate time-to-market.


4 reasons to choose NQI Orchestra

Make project portfolio management accessible to anyone

An effective project management can not only be left to experts! With NQI Orchestra, you federate and animate the community project stakeholders around a shared culture and objectives. The collaborative platform adapts to each user profile providing them with the right information at the right time to take winning decisions.

Drive the entire PPM life cycle

NQI Orchestra creates a global steering platform which gives access to a single source of information for all PPM processes stakeholders. It reinforces the coordination between people who define the business strategy and people who deliver value by executing projects. Thus, you get a real-time visibility on accurate data and put your portfolio under control.

Get a single tool for all your projects

Centralize the management of all your projects (IT, NPD, Professional services, organizational projects…) on NQI Orchestra and spread shared methodologies and best practices. As each project type might meet specific needs, NQI Orchestra lets your build tailored solutions which adapts to your business and your objectives.

On-premise or on the cloud, it’s your choice!

NQI Orchestra Cloud solution is a real SaaS pay as you go offering. You only pay for what you use and not what you you forecast to! Based on a private cloud infrastructure, we offer highly secured hosting standards that lets you fully customize your PPM solution and your hosting characteristics. If you prefer to go on-premise, no problem, our team and partners are at your disposal to set up and deploy NQI Orchestra internally.

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