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The Great Wall of China – a project with many project sponsors

The Great Wall is one of the biggest manmade structures in the world. It spans around 21 196 kms. How could humans in the ancient world be able to build such a huge structure? And what can it teach us about project management?

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Fridays humour on project management

Friday’s Humor – When project sponsors are unavailable…

This comic illustrates that what happens when project sponsors and senior executives follow the project from a distance without getting involved fulltime.

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5 commandments of feedback for your project teams

Giving a proper feedback can be tricky. It can discourage or empower project teams. In other words, it can make or break a project. It is not easy to give efficient and easy feedback. So here are are five commandments for an efficient feedback.

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One-to-one project meetings

5 reasons to convene one-to-one project meetings

It is recommended to conduct or convene one-to-one project meetings to increase performance and engagement as well as to understand problems that the team member might not have raised during a normal meeting. Here are five reasons why a project manager should convene one-to-one project meetings.

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6 tips to delegate efficiently in project management

In project management, efficient delegation of project tasks makes sure that the tasks are executed and the project moves forward. So in this article we will provide some tips to delegate tasks efficiently.

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How to recognize a good project manager

There are more and more project managers than ever before. But, how do you recognize a good project manager? Here are some attributes of a good project manager.

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Why and how to use project blogs for your projects?

A project blog can help you to document day to day activities and immortalize the challenges and success of a project on a consistent and daily basis. Lets see how project manager can use blogs for their projects.

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How to create a common project culture?

In the wake of the knowledge economy, more and more organizations are working in project mode. But few are reaping the full benefits of their projects due to the lack of a common project culture across the whole company. In this blog post we will see how to develop a common project culture.

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How to capitalize on successful projects

It is equally important to learn from successful projects so that managing the next project will be easier. So, what should a project manager or an organization do when a project is successful? In this blog post we will explore ways to capitalize on successful projects.

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What can Hollywood or movies teach us about project management ?

In this article we will explore how Hollywood and movie-making are related to project management, what are the similarities and differences between them. And what can we learn about project management and how Hollywood influences the modern workplace?

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