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Discover the new version of NQI Orchestra 6.1

With its new features combining enhanced user experience and increased performance the new version NQI ORCHESTRA 6.1 ® brings you a touch of modernity.

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5 major causes of conflict in project management

There are hundreds of reasons for conflicts in project management. They can be a huge impediment towards successful completion and delivery. Let’s explore some of them:

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Fridays humour on project management

Friday’s humor – When resource planning goes wrong

Resource planning and management ensures that the right resources are available and allocated at the right time to the right project task. This comic illustrates why resource planning in advance is important.

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How a Project Management Office can help a charity

A PMO is the spinal cord that holds all the projects together and ensures their delivery and success. Often Project Management offices (PMO) are not taken seriously in the charity sector. Learn why is it important.

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Why efficient planning and realistic resource allocation is important for charities?

Efficient planning and realistic resource allocation is important for three simple and straightforward reasons: budgetary cuts, difficult circumstances, and uncertain economic conditions. Learn what charities should do to plan efficiently and allocate resources realistically?

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Download the whitepaper – Project Portfolio Management in the charity sector

Download this whitepaper to learn how an agile and a resourceful PMO along with an ideal project portfolio management solution can help charities implement project portfolio management discipline to launch and deliver impactful projects leading to meaningful and positive social change.

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5 unthinkable reasons to adopt a project management software

Many organisations are still reluctant to buy and adopt a dedicated project management software. So here are 5 unthinkable reasons to adopt a project management software.

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10 leadership best practices for Project leaders

Project managers are not necessarily project leaders. Leadership in project management can be challenging. So in this article you will find 7 leadership best practices for project leaders.

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The art and science of leadership for project managers

Leadership is an essential ingredient of project management. It is the fuel that propels the projects forward towards delivery. In this article, we will explore briefly what project leadership is all about and how project managers can exercise leadership and become efficient project leaders.

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8 Morning rituals for project managers

Project management can be stressful, complicated and at times disastrous. So here are some morning rituals, project managers can adopt, to navigate tough, demanding or stressful situations while managing their project.

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