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Avoid these 5 project management ghosts this Halloween

It is Halloween today! But what can a project manager learn from Halloween or how can we relate Halloween to project management and learn some key lessons.Project management has its share of “ghosts” that prevents the proper execution and delivery of projects. Let’s learn about these project management ghosts:

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Project management inspiration from the Trans Siberian railway

The Trans-Siberian railway is the longest railroad and train journey in the world. It was the most expensive, longest and difficult railroad ever constructed running more than 9 000 Kms across Asia to the pacific. So, let us explore its construction and see what it can teach us about project management.

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Fridays humour on project management

Friday’s Humor – When project kick-off meetings are incomplete

The project kick-off meetings are extremely important and all the information about the project should be shared, specially the roles & responsibilities. This comic explains why.

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8 tips to get back into project management after the vacations

September is synonymous to taking of new functions, new responsibilities, new project teams, new projects and therefore new challenges…And this can become a source of stress and anxiety. So how can project managers get back on track and tackle this new phase of the year? Here are a few tips:

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Statue of liberty project management

Statue of Liberty: a risky and complex construction project  

The Statue of Liberty today stands tall near the New York harbor as a symbol of liberty! It was erected to mark the centenary of America’s Independence. What can its construction teach us about project management? Let’s see some of the lessons a project manager can learn from the statue.

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Vacances chef projet

6 vacation planning tips for project managers

Often project managers refrain from taking a vacation or are unable to take some time off because of tight deadlines or scope creeps! Here are 6 vacation planning tips for project managers.

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The Manhattan project – project management during difficult times

In this blog post we will explore how the manhattan project - a top secret, destructive and dangerous project - contributed to the development of new project management methodologies in the 1940.

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The Panama Canal: a construction project of epic proportions

Did you know that the Panama Canal is one of the few construction projects in the world that despite facing many challenges it was completed in 1914, two years ahead of the 1916 target! So, let us explore how the construction of Panama Canal can inspire project managers!

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The Canopy of Paris – seeking inspiration from a construction project

Recently the mayor of Paris unveiled a huge canopy in the center of Paris, on the surface of the les Halles metro station and underground shopping mall. It is one of the major urban redesign, renovation and construction project undertaken by the city of Paris in recent years. So, let’s see what this landmark construction project can teach us about project management.

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Seeking inspiration from the Eurotunnel for project management

The Eurotunnel is one of the greatest engineering and political accomplishments of the 20th century. In this blog post we will talk about it briefly from a project management perspective and highlight some important aspects of the project and what project managers can learn from it.

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