Project Management

Implementation of your project

Project management NQI aims to offer a snapshot of the project process.
Throughout the implementation of your project, NQI offers individualized and comprehensive support (project management methodology, functional and technical expertise) and customized consulting services.
Our strength lies in our expertise in project management, in our ability to integrate the processes of a company and our innovative project management software that fully meets the « business » needs.

NQI Project Management

The conduct of NQI project is:

Our methodology provides a pragmatic implementation, rapid and progressive solution, with an iterative prototyping approach, organized into thematic workshops, and punctuated by formal points of validation.NQI offers a range of professional services to assist you in setting in place of its management solutions and thereby ensure optimal deployment.
  • Our products are evolutionary and innovative which can cover all the operational needs of your organization.

  • Our team will guide you and advise you to carry out the implementation of your projects, and help you to develop THE project for you.

  • NQI offers you the opportunity to leverage the business expertise of its partners network to have a board for your needs and your expectations.

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