NQI Orchestra Mobile

NQI Orchestra in your pocket!

Find your project management online now NQI Orchestra on your iPhone and Android smartphone. The mobile application includes a complete set of tools to monitor and participate in projects activities from outside your organization.

Join for free anywhere, anytime

The NQI Orchestra Mobile App is available for free download in Apple store and Google Play store. Connect easily and have access to your account in a few clicks.

Track the progress of your projects

The NQI Orchestra mobile application allows you to receive alerts and notifications when performance targets are not align. It also gives you the opportunity to trace the incident folders to report problems and get information to help you solve the (flow of activities, comments).

Winning Situation

The application offers new analysis and alerting features. Your mobile project teams will thus have relevant data at any time and spend less time to collect the missing information or identify problems, and thus to find a solution more quickly.

Manage your projects with "Agiles"

With NQI Orchestra Mobile, easy to adapt change plans. Whether changing needs, priorities, technologies, or project team. Federate your project teams around a collaborative tool and easy to use.

Follow your activity through reports

Follow your activities through reports from multiple internal or external sources. you informed well and stay connected on day to day activities on project, which helps you to take best decisions for your business.

The advantages of NQI Orchestra Mobile

100% collaborative and easy to use application for stakeholders. The NQI Orchestra mobile application ensures smooth navigation and efficient performance on Android and iOS devices.

The NQI Orchestra mobile app adapts to any phone with content 100% responsive displaying with the most relevant elements to mobile users.

The NQI Orchestra mobile promotes the update data in real time and optimizes thereby monitoring the progress of tasks and project status.

The application offers you an excellent user interface and perfect usability. It guarantees you automatic, secure, reliable and  instant mobile access.

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