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WHITE PAPER – How to effectively drive digital transformation?

Download NQI's latest white paper. In this white paper we will explore the challenges and opportunities of digital transformation, the stakeholders who are leading it and how PPM tools can be an asset for digital transformation.

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The conflict management guide for project managers

In one of our last blog posts last year we talked about the 5 causes of conflict in project management. In this blog post we will try to understand conflict in detail and learn how project managers should handle conflicts.

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5 Project Portfolio Management trends in 2018

What does the future hold for project portfolio management? What project portfolio management trends will be in demand in 2018? In this blog post we will dive into 5 major trends what will shape project portfolio management in 2018?

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7 new year resolutions for project managers in 2018

Happy new year ! As project managers or any one involved in projects, do you have any new year resolutions ? Here are a few resolutions project managers may want to take:

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6 collaboration features a project management software should have

In this blog post we will explore the essential collaboration features a project management software should have. Collaboration tools enable project sponsors, project managers, team members, clients or any project stakeholders to work together seamlessly and in real time, even if they are remotely located.

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4 ways to ensure project collaboration during the holidays

As a project manager or project stakeholder how can you ensure project collaboration during the holiday season without ruining the merry mood and fun atmosphere? Here are some of the ways you can capitalize on the holiday season to ensure project collaboration:

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5 ways a project manager can rescue a failing project

All failing projects are unique in their own ways. By adopting the right attitude & making some tough decisions a project manager can rescue a failing project. Lets see how.

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5 easy and quick ways to exercise project leadership

Even though project leadership is a vast domain that includes a variety of skillsets, behaviors and other factors, here 5 quick and easy ways you can start exercising your leadership:

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The ideal project portfolio management tool for charities

The ideal project portfolio management solution for any charity wanting to be successful should be affordable, adaptable, scalable and easy to use. Read more...

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Discover the new version of NQI Orchestra 6.1

With its new features combining enhanced user experience and increased performance the new version NQI ORCHESTRA 6.1 ® brings you a touch of modernity.

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