Methods and best practices


5 best practices for working with external project consultants

During the course of any project life cycle external project consultants are roped in to contribute and ensure the success of the project. Here are 5 best practices for working with them.

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7 best practices for tracking project expenses

Managing efficiently and effectively your project expenses is key for the success of your projects. Here are 6 best practices that you can apply to manage your project expenses better.

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The keys to a successful collaborative experience

A company concerned about its employees contributes to their daily happiness and motivates them by providing constant support and caring. Thus, ensuring a successful collaborative experience.

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Orchestra PPM: Allocate resources according to the needs of the Project Managers  

Watch this video to see how a project manager can allocate resources according to his needs and control the project schedule using Orchestra PPM.

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5 mistakes to avoid while making a project dashboard

In our last article we talked about some best practices to create a project dashboard and now in this article we will talk about 5 mistakes you might be making in your dashboard that you need to avoid!

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7 best practices when creating effective project dashboards  

What makes a good project dashboard? You cannot just create a dashboard and dump information in it. In this blog post we will explore seven best practices to create effective project dashboards

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Project management Lessons from the Apollo project

The Apollo lunar mission changed completely the course of space exploration and how humans view the universe. In this blog post we will learn some project management lessons from the Apollo lunar missions.

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6 ways to encourage risk taking and new thinking of a project team

Every company needs a good and successful project team to achieve their goals. And, good and successful project teams take risks and bring new thinking while executing the project. Learn more.

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7 reasons to use SAAS project management solutions

These days there are a plethora of SAAS software in the market place and more and more companies are using them. So here are 5 reasons organizations should use SAAS project management softwares:

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TOP 5 benefits of good project team management in your company

Project managers often fall into the trap of managing project scopes, project documents and spreadsheets; forgetting about the team management aspects. So here are 5 advantages or benefits of a good project team management.

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