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Project Portfolio Management: Why use it?

Project portfolio management is the art and science of launching, managing, controlling, executing projects successfully for the benefit of the company. Here are some of its benefits

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5 consequences of ineffective project communication

Project communication is an essential part of any project. They can make or break a project. So, in this blog post let us explore where ineffective project communication leads to!

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Fridays humour on project management

Friday’s Humor – when there is a void in project communication  

Project communication is often not taken seriously. This comic illustrates well what happens when there is a void in project communication.

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planning projet

Project Management: Tips for not forgetting anything  

To forget is human. But it is smart to create systems and ways to overcome forgetfulness because it can create problems in project management. These three tips will help you.

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3 pillars for a successful project team experience  

Nowadays, it is necessary to build a loyal bond with one’s project team member from the beginning to the end of their career as part of the company's goal. Learn how to create a successful project team experience for your new recruit.

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How to manage and connect project stakeholders and resources

One of the numerous challenges of project management is how can one connect project stakeholders and resources and create synergies between them?

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10 differences between on-Premise and SAAS PPM Solutions

So, you are planning to buy your first PPM Solution but don’t know how to go about it. Maybe you are hesitating to buy either a SAAS PPM solution or an onsite/On-Premise PPM Solution. Read this article to learn the differences between them.

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Get a firm hold on Project Planning this fall!

The summer is over and autumn is here. To get your project back on track this fall or autumn, here are some pointers to prioritize your projects and get your project planning right.

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3 reasons to use a hybrid PPM tool  

For a company to be agile, flexible and efficient, it is important that it adopts a hybrid PPM tool in order to be successful. Here are three reasons organizations should use a hybrid PPM tool.

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5 best practices to create autonomous project teams

Now a days, more and more companies are encouraging project teams to be autonomous. So here are 5 best practices for creating autonomous project teams.

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