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How to prepare well for the first day of work after vacations  

Are you approaching your first day of work after vacations? Your first day of work can be challenging. Here are some tips that will guide you.

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6 tips to organize your projects before you go on vacation  

The month of August is here! The sun is shining and the beaches are full of people. So here are 6 tips to anticipate and organize your projects before leaving.

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Top 10 useful quotes for project management

Project managers or leaders must tackle challenges and sometimes the going can get tough. So here are 10 phrases or quotes on project management that will inspire project managers during difficult times.

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Happy Valentine’s Day – From love to a joint project

When you are in a relationship it is normal to do joint projects with your partner: whether it is to run a marathon, write a book, go on a weekend, prepare a trip, build a house, have a child or whatever is important and meaningful to you. So let's see how you can organise joint projects this valentine's day.

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5 ideal New Year party themes for project managers

Do you know what type of party to organise for the New Year? As project managers, you can use the basics of project management to organize a perfect party! If you are lacking some inspiration here are some suggestions that you might want to consider:

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The gift buying guide for any project manager!

As a project manager or project sponsor how do you make the traditional gesture of gift giving in the professional space? This article will help you find the right gift.

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Seeking project management inspiration from the Polaris Missile

The Polaris Missile Project is one of the most complex, dangerous and ambitious program managed by man. In this blog post we will see what can we learn from the Polaris Missile Project regarding project management.

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Seeking project management inspiration from the Sydney Opera House

The Sydney Opera House is one of the major construction projects of the 20th century let’s see what it can teach us about project management. We will explore what project managers can learn from its construction.

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Seeking inspiration from the Taj Mahal for project management

What can the Taj Mahal teach us about project management even though in those times people didn’t necessarily know about project management as we know today? Read to learn more...

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Avoid these 5 project management ghosts this Halloween

It is Halloween today! But what can a project manager learn from Halloween or how can we relate Halloween to project management and learn some key lessons.Project management has its share of “ghosts” that prevents the proper execution and delivery of projects. Let’s learn about these project management ghosts:

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