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The Canopy of Paris – seeking inspiration from a construction project

Recently the mayor of Paris unveiled a huge canopy in the center of Paris, on the surface of the les Halles metro station and underground shopping mall. It is one of the major urban redesign, renovation and construction project undertaken by the city of Paris in recent years. So, let’s see what this landmark construction project can teach us about project management.

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Seeking inspiration from the Eurotunnel for project management

The Eurotunnel is one of the greatest engineering and political accomplishments of the 20th century. In this blog post we will talk about it briefly from a project management perspective and highlight some important aspects of the project and what project managers can learn from it.

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How to launch and manage a short film project on a budget

Today is the first day of the Cannes Film Festival! The film-making bug is breaking out everywhere and many want to make their short film or documentary just for fun! If you have a short film project or idea in the back of your mind, then may be this article can help you produce and screen it.

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Learn the basics of film production management

In this article, we will examine the basics of film production management and try to understand it from a project management lens. Production management consists of managing the work, tasks, logistics and processes that contribute to the successful completion of a movie.

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Friday’s Humor – How not to gather requirements in project management?

This comic strip illustrates that in project management, precise requirements gathering is essential for the success of a project and otherwise it leads to project failure.

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Seeking inspiration from Emmanuel Macron for Project Management

Emmanuel Macron, one of the candidates for the French presidential elections, has won the first round of elections in France. In this article we will explore what Emmanuel Macron can teach us about Project Management.

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Project management behaviors

10 Intangible skills and behaviors project managers should possess

If you haven’t developed at least three or four of the intangible skills and behaviors mentioned below, then project management can be challenging or outright difficult. Let’s have a look at them.

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Canal du midi carte

Seeking inspiration from the Canal du Midi for creating a project vision

The Canal du Midi is a 241-km long canal in Southern France and is considered one of the greatest construction works of the 17th century. it is an excellent example and a source of inspiration for project managers to create a compelleing project vision.

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Gestion de project_Titanic

Seeking inspiration from the Titanic for project management mistakes

The Titanic was the envy and admiration of the great maritime nations of the world! Its construction and its maiden and only voyage to America can teach us a lot about project management mistakes.

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Project stress

7 strategies to relieve stress while managing projects

From tight deadlines to sudden scope changes to difficult clients, project management can be stressful. Here are 7 strategies and techniques for project managers to relieve stress while managing projects and improve productivity, efficiency and morale of their team.

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