IT Project Management & IT governance

Steer your IT Projects

Organisations transformations catalyst, ISD’s concentrate a very important projet volume and a mine of productivity. The ISD portfolio control is a strong challenge to develop its ability to create value and deliver a quality service.
The IT project management software Orchestra PPM allows you to structure and value the whole PPM processes : Demands arbitration,   costs / quality / deadlines control, optimisation de l’activité des resources optimization , real time reporting…

« Orchestra PPM gives ISD’s a lever to disseminate widely the right habits and ensure a quality service in monitoring projects demands and their delivery. »IT Department, Bank Industry

IT projects management features

Structure your demand management

demand forms, strategic alignment, arbitration requests, workflow management …

Master your project implementation

planning, progress monitoring, budget management, project reporting …

Coordinate resources activities

Resource optimization, allocation management, load monitoring plans, entering timesheets …

Pilot project portfolios

dashboards, simulations, performance indicators, budget planning …

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