New Products Development

Plan your R&D projects

Ensuring the time-to-market is a major challenge for new products development. This goal can be achieved through more realiable deadlines and budgets, by industrialized processes and by an optimal matching between the intital project demand and the finished product.

To be successful, the innovative project management software Orchestra PPM propose you a collaborative solution for R & D projects planning. Orchestra PPM adapts to your organization methods, from the project demand until realization, including the development plans steering and projects monitoring.

“Orchestra PPM gives access to accurate calculation of the estimated cost of product design. These essential data for cost calculations are disseminated through project portfolios or by e-mail to company executives. “New product manager - SDMO - Kohler Group

Innovative projects features

Structure your idea management

listings, strategic alignment, ideas arbitration, workflows management…

Master your project implementation

planning, progress monitoring, budget management, project reporting ……

Coordinate the resources activities

Resource optimization, allocation management, load plans monitoring , entering timesheets …

Pilot project portfolios

dashboards, simulations, performance indicators, budget planning …

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