Project Management Office (PMO)

Master and disseminate your strategic projects plans


Orchestra PPM offers PMOs (Project Management Office) both an easy to use project management tool, to ensure the effectiveness and success of projects (optimized management of resources, costs and time), and a tailored solution adapted to the “business” issues and strategic projects.


Orchestra PPM allows you to have a real-time vision on all axes of analysis: strategic frameworks, reporting means adapted to your needs and offers you all communication and change management methods.



“Orchestra PPM jointly manage both the operational and the strategic sides and provides a shared vision that facilitates dialogue between managers and top management. “ Senior Project Manager - City Council

Strategic projects features

Model your strategic benchmarks

unlimited number of multi-level trees, reporting and dashboards, role definitions, macro-planning / budget …

Evaluation indicators management

creation of a global library of indicators, define aggregation dimensions (balanced scorecard) …

Master your project implementation

planning, progress monitoring, management of human and financial resources, project reporting …

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