Project ownership management

Optimize your project ownership management

If owners and contracting bodies daily use project planning tools, the stakeholders coordination, the administrative management and the multiannual and strategic management are still complex to set up.
The project ownership management solution Orchestra PPM gives all project stakeholders the means to make relevant and appropriate decisions on their areas of intervention: investments program, optimizing the design phases, follow the markets, carry out arbitrations, control schedules.



« Orchestra PPM provides a unifying tool for the administrative, financial and timing tracking of all operations conducted by the Union.»Responsible for technical tools studies - Public Agency

Operations management features

Control your projects implementation

model management, planning and monitoring of technical aspects, management of legal elements (markets, authorizations …), schedule creation / automatic update , resource management …

Program and follow your investments

milestones creation, budget simulation on the PPI, expenses tracking, feasibility analyzes …

Manage your operations budgets

cost and financing management ,budgets forecasts monitoring, financial simulation with prices bases,  budget steps archiving, budgetary closure…

Reporting & dashboards

operations portfolios dashboards , reporting and automatic monitoring reports, automatic generation of mails …

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