Services project management

Improve your business profitability

The sharp pressure on the prices in a low-growth economy pushes service providers to look for production efficiencies in their internal organization. So, Orchestra PPM offers solutions for services project management.
To improve business profitability and reduce management costs, Orchestra PPM offers a business management solution which groups and aggregates all data management (quotations, opportunities, customers, resources, schedule, costs …) on a common web space for all.

“Orchestra PPM secures billing forecasts giving in real time a reliable vision of forecast and realized loads . “IT engineer, FM Logistics Group

Services project management Features

Customer relationship management

opportunity tracking, quotes management, modeling workflows, sales forecasts, customer databases and services …

Coordinate the resources activities

Listing (type, cost, rate, skills), load plans optimization, entering timesheets and expenses …

Master your project implementation

missions planning, progress monitoring, deliverables management, billing management …

Business Steering

multidimensional profitability analysis (per project, per client, resource …) project or multi-project reporting, dashboards per BU …)

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