Demand management

Choose the best projects to be implemented

Use the Project Demand Management solution in Orchestra PPM, to Identify and define projects that will help you to achieve your goals. From receiving new requests or demands to introducing them as new projects, Orchestra PPM allows you to manage them in a coherent, effective and transparent manner. Il allows you to select (or discard), prioritize and authorize the requests or demands proposed by all the stakeholders.
The Orchestra PPM project demand management solution allows you to centralize on a single, collaborative space the management of demands to structure the selection process and helps manage the needs and requirements.

« We implemented demande management solutions for 15 Business Units, marketing and R & D using Orchestra PPM to ensure their traceability, prioritize work and strengthen the analytical process » Project Roadmap & PMO, Orange

Arbitrate your projects, prioritize your tasks

Just like the entire Orchestra PPM solution, the project demand management module provides a simple and intuitive interface to encourage all the participation, experts or new users. With the aim of ensuring the smooth flow of trade between the actors, the host portal provides an overview of the state of user requests and notifications are displayed or sent by e-mail at each change the status of a request.
Furthermore, Orchestra PPM offers a unique tool for strategic scoring. Thus, arbitrage managers have an objective analysis of the potential and value of the request.

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