Project Budget Management

Cost Control on your project

The features of Orchestra PPM budget management offers project manager to plan, monitor and analyze the financial performance of the projects accurately. You can create budget forecasts and updates, including the main categories of work force, expense, materials and equipment.
Orchestra PPM offers the possibility to balance the project portfolio by setting the allocated budgets to projects. And financing plans capacity and portfolio capability give a cross vision of the portfolio of the budget with allocated capacity and the needs expressed by project leaders.

« Our engineering department to streamline manufacturing processes and control the evolution of design costs with Orchestra PPM.»IT Project Manager - SDMO - Kohler Group

View budget progress

Throughout the project progresses, budget forecasts are updated using real data and have to do (ETC) entries in all levels of project planning. Thus, the project manager has a real-time overview of the budget progress at the task level, task groups and the project for its financial analysis.
All budget figures are consolidated projects to offer a portfolio view or organization view according to the desired angle of analysis. In short, Orchestra PPM makes project budget management easy and provides a comprehensive view of the allocated budget.

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