Project Dashboard and Reporting

Analyze your projects in real time

Orchestra PPM offers a unique technology to create project dashboards and reporting tables that allows the organization’s project managers, to provide a set of view which can make the organization’s preferences vary. The Project Dashboards are composed of widgets that can be in many forms (indicators, calculated indicators, charts, histograms, segments). Orchestra PPM offers a library of standard widgets that the functional administrator can freely support.
All project actors, whatever their angle of analysis, may get a better vision that is both comprehensive and detailed information on each project. This real-time control helps to prevent offsets and take the right decisions to maximize the financial and human resources of the organization.

« The navigating synthetic portfolios dashboards of specific project items. which contributes to visualize the progress of projects and their impact on the organization’s resources. »Project Director, Organization and Quality - Indosuez Wealth Management

Adapt your tools to your business

The indicators measure the performance of your traditionally used projects revolve around three interrelated parameters time-cost-quality. However, the effectiveness of the projects involved in an organization is also measured their impact on corporate performance and results they produce. This is why  the Orchestra PPM’s solution provides the business indicators to enable you to clearly visualize the evolution of your projects and to optimize decision making.
the Orchestra PPM solution allow projects managers to measure real-time performance of their projects and achieve their goals.

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