Project Monitoring

Guarantee best performance of your projects

The project monitoring and reporting software Orchestra PPM generates very easily new flash reports and fill manually the project health bulletin. The project’s progress will be periodically transmitted to sponsor and management team.
Flash reports are crucial in your project management. With the new project monitoring module of Orchestra PPM you can track the progress of your project and make the right decisions, thus ensuring the successful performance of your projects.

« Orchestra PPM brings together all the resources of the ISD on a single tool provides a vision that is both operational and strategic projects, and adapts to the project repository already used by the MOA »IT Department - Public Agency

Follow your projects with NQI Flash Report

Accessible from the home page of a project of Orchestra PPM solution, the flash report  analyze the temperature to measure compliance of the projects . It provides a summary analysis of the progress through key indicators. These indicators represent the Orchestra PPM platform each of the project components, in the form of weather, tendency, planning, budgets and resources.
On the application Orchestra PPM, these key indicators are represented by colorful icons and allowing quick visual analysis of the projects status. for example, The indicator budget will allow to receive an alert when budget is over planned. The resources indicator will display at a glance whether a project is blocked in terms of resource allocation. You can also see if there is a discrepancy between the expected technical progress and actual progress.

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