Project Portfolio Management

Project Portfolio lifecycle Management

Project portfolio management is an approach in managing and delivering projects across an organization. It consists of a centralized management of processes, methods, workflows and tools to manage projects during its entire lifecycle from its launch to its delivery. Project portfolio management ensures that the projects are aligned to the objectives and strategy of the organization.

With Orchestra PPM, a project portfolio management solution, you can control the entire life cycle of your project portfolio on a collaborative web space whic is common to all players. From demand management to monitoring of project implementation to its final delivery, Orchestra PPM allows you to choose the best projects to execute, to feed and update a centralized information system (database or dashboard), and mobilize your human and financial resources on projects that have high potential and are aligned to the strategy and objectives of your organisation.

Once the projects are launched, Orchestra PPM allows you to have a dynamic and automatic consolidation of project indicators to drive real-time execution. If you are new to project portfolio management you may want to read this article. 

« Orchestra PPM aligns business objectives with the strategic objectives and thus improve the performance of the organization. »Head of Information System Department - Public Agency

Align your projects with strategy


Orchestra PPM  offers dashboards multi-project analysis but also management areas to achieve the good arbitrations, impact assess policy,  the budgetary program and human assignments.


The Orchestra PPM Project Portfolio Management solution allows you to easily define the portfolios to reflect the product lines, geographical divisions, strategic plans or blueprints to your own organization. The portfolio management tool lets you set the envelopes allocated to each of these categories in $ and / or d / h very simply and consistently allocate projects in well established categories of portfolios.



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