Resource Management

Optimize resource loads & anticipate roadblocks

Resource management tools offered by NQI Orchestra NQI Orchestra aim to give a real-time view of the resources needs on project and outside the project activities. Thus, team leaders, service managers and project managers can optimize costs and anticipate roadblocks.
NQI Orchestra offers project managers and resource managers centralized monitoring availability of each individual resources. The Resources tab identifies the projects of the organization actors to view their benefits and their availability for a specific time period. This detailed view allows you to know which resource is over-allocated, to see on what projects there are gaps to be filled and offers the possibility to make changes and adjustments of resources.

«The solution to optimize the resource workload, and allows to adjust the balance between the estimated and re-estimated between the project manager and actors to avoid the drift on the project. »Anael Delorme, Project Manager - City of Noumea

Graphically view of resource allocation

The NQI Orchestra resource management solution provides a flexible and configurable tool to visualize graphically the benefits of resources (Gantt resources, dashboards), in real time, on one or more projects in a given period. It provides your project teams a workload management and effective and rapid analysis solution.

This set of configurable views giving team leaders or department managers an effective way to optimize the load of their resources and increase their productivity. With color codes, the manager provides a clear analysis of resource requirements (in orange),  already allocated (in green) or over allocated (in purple) for the duration of the project.

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