Social and Collaborative Project Management

Improve flow of information

Orchestra PPM includes a range of social and collaborative project management tools that structure, encourages and fluidifies exchanges between operational teams and decision makers. For example: alerts and notifications, activity streams, sharing comments, document management, progress monitoring, management requests…
Orchestra PPM is designed for project teams and managments who use tool on regular basis. All project participants, whatever their level of expertise, can share the same methods and the same proven processes. NQI Orchestra accompanies, the gradual spread of a language and a common project culture.

« The solution allows us to arbitration and gives visibility on projects. The gradual activation of modules and features provides great flexibility. »Head of CMMI - Administration

Promote coordination of your teams

The NQI Orchestra collaborative project management platform, which is the commonly baseed on funcational management and portfolio, program and project management. Its complete range of collaboration and sharing tools to facilitates communication and coordination around the transverse activities.
Publishing messages, entering comments and document sharing are available on all elements of the solution in order to promote exchanges and better communication within teams and maintain history.

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