Timesheet Management

Follow the project and non-project activities of your resources

Orchestra PPM  is a social and collaborative solution for strategic and operational management of projects and activities. Orchestra PPM gives vision of both microscopic (per tasks, per phase, per project) and macro (for organization, portfolio) and outside project activities of human resources.
Adaptable to the processes of each organization, the timesheet management and expenses tracking tool offered by the Orchestra PPM solution allows the resources to easily and regularly report on their activities.

« Orchestra PPM facilitates decision making by providing a consolidated management and operational vision of projects and related activities.»Senior Project Manager - Bank Industry

Easily enter your activities (time sheets)

With activities input tools (timesheet), resource record the time spent on project activities and non-project activities according to the period and granularity of their choice.
This information is then used by managers and project leaders for purposes of analysis: update on the progress of a project schedule adjustments and allowances, valuation of time spent on the project budget, control working time of a service, determining the profitability of a project or team …

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