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Orchestra offers management direct access to strategic and operational dashboards updated in real time. By streamlining the flow of information, Orchestra gives decision makers a 360° view on Project status and reliable budget figures.
Project managers can control all the key parameters of their projects (planning, cost, workload, risk, and performance) with the ability to adjust and fine-tune them according to circumstances and team expertise. Collaborative tools offer the ability to monitor ongoing tasks related to their projects live, share information with teams and produce reports in a single click.

Project teams can visualize all current and upcoming tasks. The range of collaborative tools gives project teams the ability to monitor live activity related to their projects, share information with different team members and complete timesheets in a few clicks.

Orchestra offers PMOs simple tools to enforce a common project culture to all stakeholders, whether they are experts or not. Orchestra enables you to formalize methods, disseminate best practices and evolve the project maturity. With automatic reporting capabilities, PMOs waste no time consolidating information and can concentrate on important goals instead.

…and for all types of projects

A catalyst in transforming organizations, IT systems departments must manage large volumes of projects. The stakes are high for the IT department to add value and deliver quality services to the whole organization. Orchestra allows you to structure IT projects and manage the entire PPM process: request arbitration, waterfall planning, agile optimization, workflow management, reporting in real time, and integration with ticketing and development tools such as JIRA, TFS and more.


IT project management with Orchestra

Improving time-to-market is a major research and development challenge that requires meeting tight deadlines, staying within budget, industrialized processes, and delivering quality products. Orchestra offers a solution that adapts to your organization’s methods and integrates the product development life-cycle from demand management, implementation, management of development plans and monitoring to the development of a full-fledged product.

Management of R & D projects with Orchestra

In the construction and infrastructure industry, contracting authorities, building contractors and master builders make daily use of project planning tools. However coordinating between different stakeholders, and managing administrative tasks and strategic issues can be complex. To adapt to these specific issues, Orchestra provides a range of tools for operations management: investment scheduling, design phase optimization, market monitoring, and automatic planning generation.

Operations management Orchestra

The high pressure on prices in a low-growth economy pushes service providers to look for ways to improve production efficiencies inside their organizations. To improve business profitability and reduce management costs, Orchestra offers an integrated business management solution that gathers and aggregates all management data including quotes, opportunities, customers, resources, planning, and fees.

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